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Selected Publications

1.    Han, S., Lee, M., Shin, Y., Giovanni, R., Chakrabarty, R. P., Herrerias, M. M., Dada, L. A., Flozak, A. S., Reyfman, P. A., Khuder, B., Reczek, C. R., Gao, L., Lopéz-Barneo, J., Gottardi, C. J., Budinger, G. R. S. & Chandel, N. S. Mitochondrial integrated stress response controls lung epithelial cell fate. Nature 620, 890–897 (2023). PMCID: PMC10447247.
2.    McElroy, G. S., Reczek, C. R., Reyfman, P. A., Mithal, D. S., Horbinski, C. M. & Chandel, N. S. NAD+ Regeneration Rescues Lifespan, but Not Ataxia, in a Mouse Model of Brain Mitochondrial Complex I Dysfunction. Cell Metabolism 32, 301-308.e6 (2020). PMCID: PMC7415718.
3.    Billingham, L. K., Stoolman, J. S., Vasan, K., Rodriguez, A. E., Poor, T. A., Szibor, M., Jacobs, H. T., Reczek, C. R., Rashidi, A., Zhang, P., Miska, J. & Chandel, N. S. Mitochondrial electron transport chain is necessary for NLRP3 inflammasome activation. Nat Immunol 23, 692–704 (2022). PMCID: PMC9098388.
4.    Diebold, L. P., Gil, H. J., Gao, P., Martinez, C. A., Weinberg, S. E. & Chandel, N. S. Mitochondrial complex III is necessary for endothelial cell proliferation during angiogenesis. Nat Metab 1, 158–171 (2019). PMCID: PMC6521885.
5.    Weinberg, S. E., Singer, B. D., Steinert, E. M., Martinez, C. A., Mehta, M. M., Martínez-Reyes, I., Gao, P., Helmin, K. A., Abdala-Valencia, H., Sena, L. A., Schumacker, P. T., Turka, L. A. & Chandel, N. S. Mitochondrial complex III is essential for suppressive function of regulatory T cells. Nature 565, 495–499 (2019). PMCID: PMC6345596.
6.    Martínez-Reyes, I., Cardona, L. R., Kong, H., Vasan, K., McElroy, G. S., Werner, M., Kihshen, H., Reczek, C. R., Weinberg, S. E., Gao, P., Steinert, E. M., Piseaux, R., Budinger, G. R. S. & Chandel, N. S. Mitochondrial ubiquinol oxidation is necessary for tumour growth. Nature 585, 288–292 (2020). PMCID: PMC7486261.

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